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Everyday is Another Lesson in How to Live



Etrog and Lulav will follow the journey of Nicole and Jonathan to Israel and the MidEast this Winter 2018. With stays in Tel Aviv, Ein Hod (an artists' community), Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea, Eilat, Petra (Jordan) and in Egypt in Cairo and along the Nile, this adventure promises to be inspiring, beautiful and captivating for the travelers and readers alike.

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are little presents to yourself that don’t harm another soul

Podcast Interview – Nicole Goldman on Retirement Journeys

It's a bit strange hearing yourself on a podcast, what your voice sounds like, if you even sound coherent, but the process was fun

Social Graces – Shifting Sands

Polite conduct and etiquette have been relinquished to yesteryear and a clamorous new way of behaving has taken hold.

Guest Posts – Spreading The Love

I am interested in hearing your response to these thoughts and to learn your take on life at the end of the Baby Boom

So This Is Going To Be An Interesting Year

I'll work under the assumption that I will continue in my current physical form, until I don't and deal with that then. How could I plan any differently?

Yoga At Any Age

If you are a breathing, living human, aka still alive, you can do yoga and derive the benefits.

50 Pain Free Years and then…

And yet, no amount of exercise, fresh air, eating right or appropriate sleeping routine allows me to escape the insidious aggression of random aches and pains.

Self-Medicating on Home Improvement Projects

There is nothing more curative than repainting a room, moving the furniture around and putting a fresh face, or backsplash, in your kitchen in the hopes of uplifting spirits that are suffering as a result of seasonal affective disorder or... Continue Reading →

That’s My Point – A Line of Defense

Can we survive thirty-three days so Harrison’s legacy can be upheld? (That means Wednesday.)

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