images-3I’m excited to have several of my pieces picked up by other blogs who share interests, audience and perspective – See below for links to RetirementJourneys and BetterAfter50.  Coming soon, I’ll be guest posting on SixtyandMe – a warm up for the real deal.  What is life like for us aging Boomers and why is my experience at the tail end of this huge segment of our population so different than my older cohorts?

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Interested in why travel is so compelling?  Visit RetirementJourneys – a great site for delving into the many perks of retirement – or what I call freedom.  In this piece, I blog about discoveries that are made around every corner when you open yourself up to exploring new places around the globe.  For more history on my visit to Bali in 2016, which is discussed here, visit my blog from that trip at rambutandays. Let me know your thoughts and questions.

sixty-4And check out my most recent post on BetterAfter50 highlighting some of the more annoying challenges of dealing with our aging bodies.  Every day another wrinkle, another weird new pain point, but what’s the alternative?

Keep your eyes on this site for new articles and ideas on enjoying the life you lead and how to understand the world around us.

As always, I am interested in hearing your response to these thoughts and to learn your take on life at the end of the Baby Boom.