images-4It’s been a struggle these past few weeks to harken back to more innocent days when making a point, in conversation, blog posts or otherwise, made a difference.  When topics with social and cultural significance were worthy of attention and consideration.  When thinking about almost anything besides the political climate was deserving enough to take up space in our brains, let alone the airwaves.  It feels like the noise, and cacophony of media and shouting from the little man, has blotted out all reason and normal everyday thought, and if you aren’t addressing the chaos, then you are contributing to it inadvertently.


The truth, facts, reason, hell, all rationality and fairness (also known as justice) are beyond the scope of the nominally described elected (and appointed) leaders who are fashioning a rabbit hole so large and so deep, so jagged and terrorizing, that we cannot know the profoundness of this descent, we can only hope and pray we are able to recover after the battles.


Will I still be standing when the battles are over?  Will the earth be scorched as has been prophesized in countless movies?  Who among us will be left or is the point to destroy everything and have the lizards 2bae612000000578-3211692-gueragama_sulamerica_illustrated_is_a_new_species_thought_to_hav-a-15_1440612085281rekindle life from the swamps once again?  Is draining the swamps going to prevent future hope as well?

Perhaps you think it too optimistic to be already talking about the after effects?  It’s either that or focus solely on my houseplants and laundry imgres-7chores as pathways to sanity.  But I don’t have enough houseplants or laundry to keep me busy for four years.

Predictions abound on how long we will have to endure the madness.  These past four weeks have been astounding for their crash and burn scenarios, and the swiftness has made the demise and dismissal of this senseless governance even more challenging.  There are so many fires to address that they’ve been too hard to keep up with for the everyone from the ACLU, to the states’ attorneys general, to the more rational officials, protestors and concerned citizens.


William Henry Harrison was only president for thirty-two days, but his demise was the result of catching pneumonia during the inauguration.  This bozo won’t even acknowledge it was raining as he gave his frightening address, and surely has been taking precautionary anti-biotics to preserve his fantasy as super-hero.

orovilleCan we survive thirty-three days so Harrison’s legacy can be upheld? (That means Wednesday.)

If the crisis at the Oroville Dam and predicted rainstorms in California play out, our largest state might not even make it that long.  Since we know California sets the trends for the rest of the country, their ruin does not portend well for the rest of us.  The flood is coming.  If it doesn’t whack us on the East coast from melting icebergs in the Arctic, it might be coming round the bend from the other side.

In spite of the similarities in jargon to the emerging foreign policy of protectionism, I am seeking a line of defense from the angry words not only of our leaders, but of our citizens, one against another, everyone in a rage.

age_of_reasonI’m seeking protection from letting myself be swept away by the hatred.  Can I coast on a happier cloud with a more productive purpose than simply bringing down the other side?

I’m seeking protection from letting time slip away without putting it to good use, as I waste time worrying about how and when the world as we know it will end.

Was the television show ‘Last Man on Earth’ a preview to my future life? (Obviously I see myself surviving – as a good an omen as I could reasonably hope for.)  Is Tandy’s world a real life scenario unfolding in front of us?  It might be a disease that destroys us, especially since many forms of public health policy are being dismantled, and not just images-5insurance.  We’re talking about vaccines being eliminated, and allowing drugs that haven’t been fully vetted into consumers hands.  They’re willing to “fully vet” any child from Syria, but a serum from some lab in Russia, why heck, that’s not a problem.  Drink up.

Will they get us to drink the Kool Aid and destroy our way of living?  Will our will be broken so badly imgres-8that we cannot rise up against the tyranny?  It’s been brutal, and each time I think I am breaking free of the malaise, some new and extraordinary tactic has been employed to bring us down again.  Some ban, some policy, or more often than not, the removal of some protective statute that provided rights, and civility.


Watch the news, don’t watch the news.  It’s a toss up.  My vigilance won’t prevent the next calamity, but it feels like being informed is going to give me some edge and prevent me from getting caught like a deer images-6in the headlights.  I’ll know which way to run.  I’ll have some idea where the sane people are hidden so I can join them.  I’ll have a clue about how to find protection.