Yeah, That’s My Point ( has numerous points to make.

Every day, all around us, sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful things are happening, engaging us, repelling us, making us question.  My own existence is so varied and hard to predict that I am constantly astounded by the realities of our world.  This imbalance, this imperfection and frailty makes me puzzle over the reasoning behind our decisions and motivations.



I question it all.  How did I come to live the life I’ve lived?  Why did it turn out this way?  What am I influenced by? What do I understand?  What still mystifies me?  What does the next guy or gal think about this?  Why?

Of course, there are favorite topics of mine which lead me to dwell on their right or reason, such as the experiences of living at the tail end of the baby boom and how that theme has weighted my journey, or the practicalities of modern life in the US, and travel abroad.  I’m into making great food and lingering on thoughts that keep blissful morsels alive in my mouth.  Art, graphic design, interior design, texture, paper, textiles are passions that provoke my creative spirit and open me up to contemplate their significance not just in my mind, but in everyone’s around me, whether they are checking out what’s happening and what’s being made and influencing them, or not.mystery-3

Perhaps it’s the messages and inspirations that others are avoiding or missing that prompt my impulse to explain, if only to help me understand why others don’t get it – what ever ‘it’ is.  I don’t claim to hold the answers, I’m just attempting to make sense of the nonsense for me and share the stories in hope that they contribute to others’ awareness and parsing of their own lives.

It’s a funny journey these days.  Life is not laid out for you in practical parcels.  Childhood,


adulthood, parenthood, death and now gender have been redefined in our twenty-first century world.  Edges are blurred, distinctions are lost, and we’re all just plain confused.  That’s My Point.